Lumpwewe Borehole completion and Commisioning

Following a grant received from Drop Foundation for the construction of Lumpewe borehole, it was successfully drilled completed and commissioned.The borehole supports over 800 pupils of Lumpewe P/S and over 175 pupils of neighboring schools plus their families.Over 170 pupils and 35 adults attended the Lumpewe Borehole commissioning function by Dr. Ann Hayes and Bran Davies.Thank you, Drop Foundation for the support.

Mazzi Underground water tank

The Grant for the Underground water tank for Mazzi Multipurpose hall was received from CGCNA, procurement was done completed and Service Provider began work Dr. Musaazi is a reknown service provider and he provided the services works were completed well and Commissioning of underground water tank effected on the 13th of September with 61 guests and 34 students.Dr. Ann Hayes commissioned the underground water tank and was handed over to the community.

CGC Graduation Ceremony

This year a graduation ceremony was conducted at CGC head office with girls who completed their education during the year 2015-2016, 44 girls were awarded different disciplines, 17 girls got their degrees,6 got their diplomas and 21 got certificates we thank God for that great achievement.

Mazzi Multi purpose Hall Launch

Mazzi launch this was effected on the 23rd of February with 169 guests and 82 students among the guests we had donors, stakeholders, communities, invited people and pupils of Mazzi the guest of honor for the function was The right REV.ERIDAD K.NSUBUGA the bishop of Luwero Diocese the Hall was constructed with funds donated by DANICA Children’s foundation, USA and concern for the girl child NORTH AMERICA.The Hall was handed over to the community of Mazzi.

Reverand opening up the Hall
Patron Ann Hayes Giving her speech to guests

Mazzi Multi-purpose Community Hall-After its completion (Current Look)

Mazzi Multi-Purpose Community Hall.Its Great God has enabled CGC to complete the beautiful Mazzi Multi –purpose Community hall,it has now been completed awaiting its Launch in 2017 for the community to use. it has attractive color paint looks magnificent in the remote village of Mazzi. Our gratitude goes to DANICA CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION for funding this project, board, staff and management of CGC and all other partners for their contribution towards the completion of this hall. The hall will host CGC offices, IT center and other community events.

Mazzi Secondary School improvements

Rain catchment roof and water storage tank

Sources of clean water are scarce in many areas of rural Uganda. The nearest well is often many kilometers away. Every morning a group of students at Mazzi school was assigned the task of walking 3 kilometers to the nearest well to carry water for the teachers and students to drink, wash and cook with. The need for a nearby water source was evident. The cost to put a well in near the school was beyond the community resources. They requested that CGC provide a water tank for the school. CGC realized that by also putting a rain catchment roof on the school enough rain could be collected during the rainy season to provide water for the entire year not only for Mazzi but also for the primary school that is about 1 kilometer away.

School Capital Projects

Mazzi Secondary School received an new school kitchen with energy saving stoves. The children are now able to enjoy hot meals and drink clean boiled water. The school was further aided with toilets. CGC's major purpose of the school capital projects is to ensure a safe school environment to enhance the education of the it's beneficiaries and other students within its partner schools

Energy savings stoves in the new Mazzi Kitchen