An Entreprenuerial Spirit!

Annette teachers fellow students how to make detergent at the Kampala Resource Centre
Annette Ainemugisha now 19 years is a beneficiary of CGC in her Senior Six vacation and awaiting university placement. She and her younger brother are double orphans. Annette lived with her guardian Moses Agaba, a shoe repairer/ shiner in Kiwatule Ntinda a suburb in Kampala through her secondary school life. Her uncle did not have a stable income but was able to provide the basic needs while CGC sponsored her through her secondary school education. During her time at school, Annette showed a lot of interest in entrepreneurship and through career guidance CGC was able to help her to pursue her dream. she was encouraged and throughout her school time she was involved in the entrepreneurship club. She continuously participated in different activities including the Junior Achievement and the Annual Youth Entrepreneurship Conference. Through the different experiences, Annette started a small cereal business where she sold snacks like pea nuts and sim sim to her fellow students at school. She also made paper bags for sale and she became a resource for CGC as during the camps she was called upon to teach other girls to make snacks and paper bags.

To date Annette is thriving with a detergent making business where she sales detergents to different people and to CGC offices. She has embarked on training fellow students and other people how to make detergents at the head office resource centre. She has also been selected to attend the "Job Shadow Training" by Barclays Bank Uganda. She will be attached to the managing director Barclays Bank who will mentor her in managerial skills.

This is what Annette has to say, " I would like to thank CGC for giving me this opportunity, educating me and through school i have gained a lot of experience especially through entrepreneurship skills. This is the foundation of my success and where i am today. I earn Uganda Shilling 60,000/= a week and i am able to help my younger brother with pocket money and uncle with soap to use at home."