Mable's Hope restored

Mable Namara S.3, Kalinabiri Secondary School
Mable Namara, 17 years old and now a student of Kalinabiri Secondary School Senior 3, is an orphan originally from Nakasongola district. Her father died in 2005 when she was just about to complete primary seven. Her mother Georgina Bakazi continued to support her children but with difficulty as her income was very limited. Mable eventually dropped out of school as a result and started to help her mother with house chores. Her relatives suggested marriage to her mother but Mable was not interested in marriage. She consulted the pastor at their church who promised to find her a job as a house-help in Kampala.

Mable came to Kampala and lived with the pastor for just a few hours as there was no room for her and besides she was supposed to find a job as a maid so she lived there temporarily. She says; "The Pastor had so many dependants and he tool me to live in the church in Kamwokya where so many other homeless people lived." She laments that at the church there was no water so she had to go into the nearby community to look for water, she slept on a mat and went without food. The church was also programmed for events and functions and sometimes she had to spend sleepless nights because of overnights.

While she walked in the neighbourhood with a friend looking for work, she came across the CGC offices and she applied for sponsorship. Mable was interviewed and found deserving of support. she was enrolled in Kalinabiri but continued to live at the church. She was so happy to start school like all her other friends, She says; "I was so happy because at school i was able to have my day's meal and study like other children who have both parents."
Fortunately she has now found guardians who have committed themselves to providing all her other needs. She is now able to live like other children.