Mazzi Secondary School improvements

Rain catchment roof and water storage tank

Sources of clean water are scarce in many areas of rural Uganda. The nearest well is often many kilometers away. Every morning a group of students at Mazzi school was assigned the task of walking 3 kilometers to the nearest well to carry water for the teachers and students to drink, wash and cook with. The need for a nearby water source was evident. The cost to put a well in near the school was beyond the community resources. They requested that CGC provide a water tank for the school. CGC realized that by also putting a rain catchment roof on the school enough rain could be collected during the rainy season to provide water for the entire year not only for Mazzi but also for the primary school that is about 1 kilometer away.

NEW PROJECT A Needed Cooking Shelter – Mazzi Secondary School

CGC girls cook lunch at Mazzi School

Children in Uganda eat their lunch at school.  This is normally a hot meal cooked by school kitchen staff.  At Mazzi there is no cooking shelter and meals are cooked outside – rain or shine- using open fires and very limited facilities. There is also no dedicated space for storing non perishable food needed daily by the cooking staff.    CGC’s next project at Mazzi is to build an enclosed facility with stoves for cooking  and cabinets for securely storing food.  This facility is currently being designed and building will begin as soon as funds allow.