Core Programmes


Girl’s education is a top priority to CGC. CGC has so far impacted the lives of 787 girls directly through education sponsorship and provision of scholastic materials. The beneficiaries have been enrolled in secondary school and have further been monitored occasionally to ensure they are attending school on a regular basis. Performance and conduct of the students is monitored in liaison with the contact teachers and the guardians of the students. CGC works in partnership with the schools, guardians and communities to ensure enrollment, retention and completion of education of the girl child.

Improved school facilities for partner schools through the school development project is another approach CGC uses to ensure that not only their beneficiaries but all the children in their partner schools are enjoy the school environment. Among the projects, school toilets, water tanks, a school kitchen, library shelves, chairs, dining shades and library books have been offered to Luwero, Kalinabiri, Kiwoko and Mazzi Secondary Schools.

Career guidance is a necessity for all students as it helps to guide them in their career choices. CGC annually organizes career guidance sessions where students in all partner schools are inspired to pursue their careers. Along with school and home visits, CGC staff interact with the students.

Child Protection

All children have a right to protection against neglect, exploitation, abuse and violence. CGC does not only provide education opportunities for the girls but further promotes children's rights within it's target communities. In partnership with Community Leaders, Child Protection and Monitoring Committees, School Management Committees and guardians and parents, CGC has sensitized the communities about child protection. Slowly the attitudes and behavior of the communities are changing with more child abuse and neglect reports to the police as a result of sensitization.
Community structures that were established by CGC like the CPMCs have ably followed up the same cases and immediate support to the abused children has been given.CGC further provides psychosocial support to its beneficiaries through home visits, counseling and guidance and provision of food and clothes especially for very needy families.


We have further provided access to health information to our beneficiaries. Talks on reproductive health, sanitation and personal hygiene have been done in the partner schools not just for the benefit of our beneficiaries but all the children in the school. We have further provided sanitary towels to the girls in order for them to comfortably attend their classes. Immediate medical support has been given to children with urgent problems. CGC has garnered support from strategic health partners including health centers, hospitals and Village Health Teams to support the beneficiaries.

Economic Strengthening

CGC believes that providing for the beneficiaries their needs is just not enough. They have gone an extra mile to equip their beneficiaries with practical skills that will in future increase their income. Already girls especially those in tertiary and university are engaged in side small businesses where they draw pocket money. Families have been provided trained to start Income Generating Activities like piggery projects, farming, soap making and other related skills in order for them to provide their children with basic needs.

Organizational Development