Equal Rights for Children with Disabilities! Is it a myth in Uganda?

Cynthia Nabbu, 8years old now has been supported for the past three years by Concern for the Girl Child through funding from the Civil Society Fund. As a result of starvation and neglect, she is not able to walk, talk and she is unable to control urine and feces. She was abandoned by her grand mother and a well-wisher, Jessica Nakabiri picked her up and has since then hosted Cynthia. The girl was in such a poor state when Jessica alerted the Local Council 1 Leader who late consulted World Vision for support. Cynthia was then taken to Nakaseke Hospital for treatment and she was later referred to Concern for the Girl Child for Child Protection. CGc has been giving psychosocial, legal, livelihood and medical support to the foster family. Presently the project has phased out but the need still remains. Cynthia is in dire need for support to improve her mental and physical well being and which the foster family is not able to meet. As we commemorate the Day of the African Child, we would like to solicit for support from all well wishers for Cynthia since the focus for this year is children with disabilities.

We would also like to recognize children with disabilities in our country. have you noticed any children with disabilities in your neighborhood? what have you done about it? Concern for the Girl Child also lobbys and advocated for the rights of children. Are these rights being fulfilled, if not how can we make a difference in the lives of these children? as you may realize there are so many challenges that come with disability. this does not mean that a child with disabilities has no capability but it means we must as parents, caregivers and duty bearers go an extra mile in making their lives a lot easier.

Children with disabilties have experienced barriers to their general enjoyment of basic rights and of course discrimination. their abilities have been overlooked and their capabilities underestimated. Their needs have sometimes been given low priority. Take a look at our homes, schools, shopping malls and other social service centers; there are not too many provisions for children with disabilities. By provisions we mean things like children's recreational grounds, toilets and bathrooms, stairways and so much more. have we just taken these for granted or are we just ignorant about these provisions? CGC would like to see a country where all children enjoy their rights fully including children with disabilities.

Child with disability