Little dresses for Africa, Lillian’s venture

Kalibatanya Lillian finished S.4 from Kiwoko S.S and graduated in tailoring from St. Mary’s Domestic Training Institute - Kasaala in 2014. She now jointly operates a sewing machine workshop with her mother near Kiwoko Hospital in Kiwoko town council, Nakaseke District.
Besides making school uniforms for school children and clothes for members of the public, Lillian buys used clothes from local markets which she in turn sells with profit in her shop. Lillian also makes cookies that she sells at the same shop and also makes cakes on order. Lillian has recently trained CGC big sisters to make cakes and cookies. With this new skill, big sisters hope to generate income from making cookies.
Last year (2015) Lillian received 3 finished dresses, 10 pillow cases, 8 pieces of threads and a written guide on how to make the little dresses from Dr. Ann Hayes when she paid CGC a visit last year. CGC staff trained her on how to make the little dresses. Lillian was excited and tried making the dresses immediately. She said she used 10 minutes to make the first dress and 8 minutes to make the second dress.
Lillian says she sells the dresses at 5,000 Uganda shillings and buys more pillow cases from Kiwoko local market at 2,000/= each to make more dresses. Though it’s a new venture with few customers coming for her little dresses, Lillian is optimistic that her business will pick up and promises to widely make her business known to potential customers in the community.
Lillian is happy and appreciates CGC for supporting her and for introducing her to other business ventures.