Evelyn Nakiganda now working as a Librarian
I grew up with a single parent (Mother) though my father by then was alive. My mother left my father’s home when I was still in the womb to her elder son (Mr. Mpiima John Baptist) where she stayed until 1998 when she got her own piece of land to stay near Alcohol breweries.
I started school at St Jude Primary school Kasana in 1996 I completed primary seven. Though primary seven fees were a little bit much, I was allowed to study in the boarding section without being chased a way for school dues because I was a bright and a clever pupil.
I remember Sr. Ritah Nabukeera, a head teacher then told my Mom to bring in anything that she could afford as part of my school fees. My mother could bring to school yellow bananas and sometimes she could bring handmade mats to school as part of my school fees contribution. However all she brought could still not match the amount of school fees required for me to pay, but school management allowed me to study. When the results for PLE returned, I had passed in first grade.
One of my mother’s customers Mr. Senozi, then a teacher at Luwero SS told us about Concern for the Girl Child. He actually helped to write my application to Concern for the Girl Child. He then told Mrs. Josephine Okullo – then a Director of studies at Luwero SS and also CGC contact teacher about me and asked her to see how CGC could support my studies since my Mom was sickly. Together with other well wishers, Mr. Senozi contributed towards my S1 registration, books and other school requirements as I waited the results of my application to CGC. Fortunately, after the interviews, home visit CGC took me in their sponsorship programme.
Since that day I started studying seriously though at times my Mom’s sickness could disrupt my studies, but still I managed to study and performed well, far better than those without problems of attending to a sick parent.
At the end of 2006, when I was completing my S.3, my Mom again fell badly sick and passed on. I had to go to stay with my father, but remember I and my step mother never liked each other. Imagine staying with someone you don’t cooperate with at all so that year, 2007, was a most difficult an challenging year for me. In the whole of my S.4 second term, my father the only person who loved me at home also fell ill. I lived a disgusting life. I did all my mocks paper in that situation, Dad also passed on. I came to school late, cried all the time even in class, thanks to my friend, Mr. Senozi and Mrs. Okullo who stood with me- may God bless them. Despite all this I got a first grade in my S.4
In 2008 I joined Advanced level but I did not want because of the problems I had at home, especially the previous years, 2007 being the worst. I told CGC through Luwero office but they refused especially Madam Faith, I even hated her seriously. Mr. Mpiima my elder brother, Madam Achen Okullo all discouraged me from branching off, but whenever I could think of my situation, I cried and hated going further with Advanced level studies. However I used not to tell anyone why I was rejecting continuing with my A level studies.
I remember I started with one black book with a hope that I was just passing time, then after realizing that the first term was almost coming to an end I went to Mr. Mpiima and requested him for registration fees. It was that time that I talked to Mrs. Okullo who promised to always be there for me. She promised to work with Mr. Mpiima to ensure that I get the scholastic materials. It was during this time when I changed my mind to concentrate on my studies, with a conviction that after all, two years are few and the first term was also coming to an end. Mr. Mpiima gave me registration fees.
I sat for my s.6 and went to Makerere University on government sponsorship, where I did a bachelors degree in Library and Information Science. While at Makerere university CGC paid my hostel fees and other requirements, I obtained the services from CGC others couldn’t get such as visitation, counseling and guidance, clothes, sanitary towels to mention but a few.
In 2013 I completed my three years studies from Makerere University and graduated on 29th January 2014. I had a small dinner at home but still CGC loves me, they attended it.
Special thanks go to Mommy- the Executive Director Concern for the Girl Child who made it all the way from Kampala even when she was sick to attend my dinner. Thanks also to CGC who made a graduation party for its beneficiaries on 25th September 2014
In March 2014 I started working at Kiwoko SS as a librarian.
I attribute the change in me first of all to God’s mercy towards me, Mr.Senozi Gustus, a teacher at Luwero SS, Mrs Josephine Okullo and above all to CGC and the patron of CGC Dr. Ann Hayes and the staff of CGC. I am no longer a beggar or totally dependent. Now at least in one way or the other I am independent because I studied and now I have a job.
I counsel and guide the young boys and girls. I motivate the learners at Kiwoko SS and outside Kiwoko SS to be focused and stick to their dreams no matter the situation. I give some little support to my family and to other people whom I feel they deserve some support. I act as a role model in Kiwoko SS and in my village .This motivates many young boys and girls. I have taken care of a girl in S.4 who used to come from a far distance from school.
In 15 years I see myself possessing several business to widen my income level. I also plan to take care of some needy children (at least supporting two of them). I see myself advising, counseling and guiding young boys and girls to excel
My advice to everybody out there is that they have to believe and trust in God. They should always have a vision or a goal to stimulate them as they will always must work hard to achieve them. They have to be committed and determined. Readers should never give up despite the challenges they face, because no condition is permanent.