CGC now in Partnership with the School Times Magazine

The "Women who inspire" page where CGC is inspiring girls and other children with stories of exemplary women.
CGC has entered a partnership with the School Times Magazine and will feature in one of their pages; "Women who inspire" this will be used as a platform to cover different stories about inspirational people specifically women who have made a difference in the country and the world at large despite their challenges.

The School Times Magazine published by MK Publishers is disseminated to secondary schools including CGC partner schools. CGC will be able to target not just our beneficiaries but also children in other schools with information that will inspire them to aspire for greater things. The magazine also features information on life in school, how to manage and complete successfully. The magazine further embeds past examination papers for students to revise and improve their grades in different subjects like science, mathematics, English, chemistry, e.t.c.
Each partner school will receive 3 issues of the school times magazine during the term at least for every class. CGC Community Resource Centres will also receive a copy for students who frequently visit the resource centres.