Latest Events.

Camp 2018

CGC organized two camps this year i.e. The Big Sisters' Camp and The Secondary School Girls Camp. The theme of both camps was "Living an Accountable life" The Secondary School Girl’s camp was attended by 172 students where as The Big Sisters' Camp was attended by 46 "big sisters". The camp’s activities were;

  • Breast cancer screening
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Batik making
  • Making candles
  • Making petroleum jelly and bar soap
  • Career guidance and counseling session
The Big Sisters' Camp aimed at strengthening the big sisters' network, addressing the unique needs of the big sisters, mentoring and empowering the girls to be champions of CGC.

Mazzi clean up

CGC carried out a one day clean up exercise for one of the CGC Resource centres (Mazzi Resource center) in Kamira S/C, Luwero district. The objectives of the activity were to;

  • To jointly clean-up Mazzi resource center.
  • To sensitize Mazzi community to utilize the services offered at Resource centre e.g Computer lessons, Hall hiring, tent and chair hiring out.
  • To test community members for HIV and carry out HIV counseling.
  • To carry out breast cancer screening and training to community members.
  • To conduct a health talks and create health Awareness
  • To link VSLA’s to a bank.
The clean up exercise involved slashing the compound around mazzi resource centre, pruning, cleaning the painted walls, fumigation, planting flowers, setting up demonstration gardens, displaying handmade materials made by CGC staff among others. The activity targeted 150 people and these included community members, CGC staff and students of Mazzi S.S. CGC also partnered with Luwero health centre 4 which participated in carrying out breast and cervical cancer screening and also HIV testing and counselling. A total of 154 people were reached (102 students & 52 parents )

TRAIN training

TRAIN is an initiative that brings together 100+ internationally certified John Maxwell leadership coaches from USA, UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ghana, Malawi and Zambia to train leaders using best-in-class John Maxwell Team courses.
CGC got the opportunity to be trained by the Train training teaming on 5th July 2018
The training aimed at "helping CGC have working strategies that are executed by high performing teams led by effective leaders"
A high performance team was looked at as a team that comprises of the following aspects;

  • Work together
  • Team that has a same purpose
  • Hardworking
  • Feel for one another
  • Dedicated to their work
  • Result oriented
  • Evaluate themselves
  • Respect each other