53 more girls graduate this year!

Grand Graduation Ceremony 2014[/caption]
Once again we announce with pleasure that 53 more girls have successfully completed their studies. The girls have completed their studies in different academic disciplines with a wide variety of professions including business administration, social work, arts, education, micro finance, tailoring, catering and nursery teaching. Out of the 53 graduates, 14 have acquired Bachelor's degrees, 5 have acquired Diplomas and 34 have acquired Certificates. The grand graduation party was held in Kiwoko Secondary School particularly to inspire the younger students in secondary school and the entire community of Kiwoko following the negative attitudes towards education as reported. The ceremony was well attended and officiated by the the CAO - of Nakaseke District, the Representative of the Dean of studies Kyambogo University, a Representative from the Ministry of Education and sports. We were very privileged to host the Patron - Dr. Ann Hayes and her friends and family.

In 2009, CGC held its first grand graduation of 22 girls, in 2012, 48 girls graduated and this time 53 girls have graduated making it a total of 123 girls. We are extremely excited for this achievement and continue to thank all the people who have contributed to this great cause.